Our Team

Where the Rubber Meets the Road…

We can proudly boast one of the absolute best crews you’ve ever seen. The people working behind the stone are where the rubber meets the road in this business, and they are top notch. Because Cold Stone Creamery is such a fun place to work, people want to work for us, meaning we can set the bar high…the cream of the crop, as it were. For instance, we don’t interview potential crew members, we audition them. (They must be comfortable entertaining!) We set high standards and provide world-class training. When people talk about how much they love Cold Stone, they might think they’re talking about ice cream, but the simple truth is that none of it can happen without the excellent, dedicated crew members who made and served that ice cream.

If you’re interested in putting your own entertainment skills to work and serving up the Ultimate Ice Cream Experience®, then check out available crew positions.

If you’re interested in putting your own entertainment skills to work and serving up the Ultimate Ice